Travel Quiz #2 – Mauritius

“Here at Thomson Towers we love learning about the world”

And we also love putting our hard-earned travel knowledge to the test…

  • Travel Quiz #2 – Mauritius

    Here at Thomson Towers we love learning about the world. And we also love putting our hard-earned travel knowledge to the test. So we’ve put together as series of quizzes based on our favourite countries, next up – Mauritius…

    Whether you’re a geography geek, a holiday addict or you simply love BuzzFeed, there’s nothing like a travel quiz to awaken those brain cells. We’ve pulled together 10 questions on Mauritius for you to test your travel know-how. Start with the easy ones and work your way up. Answers are at the bottom – but no cheating…


    1. Which ocean does Mauritius sit in?
    a) Pacific Ocean
    b) Atlantic Ocean
    c) Indian Ocean

    2. Which country did Mauritius become a colony of in 1715?
    a) Britain
    b) France
    c) Portugal

    3. Which continent is Mauritius considered a part of?
    a) Asia
    b) Africa
    c) Oceania

    Getting trickier

    4. What is the capital of Mauritius?
    a) Curepipe
    b) Flic en Flac
    c) Port Louis

    5. Shortly after they settled on Mauritius, humans made which species of bird extinct?
    a) Dodo
    b) Moa
    c) King Island Emu

    6. The official language of Mauritius is…
    a) Creole
    b) French
    c) English

    As hard as nails

    7. Mauritius and two other islands form the Mascarene Islands. What are their names?
    a) Rodrigues and Réunion
    b) Sri Lanka and Reunion
    c) Madagascar and Seychelles

    8. Between 1715 and 1810, Mauritius was known as what?
    a) République de Maurice
    b) Isle de France
    c) Mauricius

    9. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, runaway slaves used to hide on the cliffs of which mountain?
    a) Trou aux Cerfs
    b) Grand Baie
    c) Le Morne

    Have a guess…
    10. To the nearest 100,000, what is the population of Mauritius?

    Feeling inspired? Take a look at our holidays to Mauritius.

    ANSWERS – 1) c, 2) b, 3) b, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c, 7) a, 8) b, 9) c, 10) 1,200,000

Author: Laura Crombie