We Love… Lapland

“Whether your little ones believe in the big man or not, a trip to Lapland is a magical experience for all the family”

Here’s what we love most about Santa Claus’ Finnish home……

  • We Love… Lapland

    Whether your little ones believe in the big man or not, a trip to Lapland is a magical experience for all the family. Here’s what we love most about Santa Claus’ Finnish home…

    Holidays to Lapland are about two things –meeting Santa and exploring the winter wonderland. From husky dog sleigh rides to snowmobiling and chasing the Northern Lights, Lapland will have you slipping on those thermals and leaping into the snow like a child. This is most definitely a place to act your shoe size.

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    Here’s a taster of what you can get up to on your Arctic adventure…

    shutterstock_1301570481. Sleigh rides

    A traditional sleigh ride pulled by Santa’s reindeer is what Lapland is all about. Ho! Ho! Ho! Out loud as you ride past icy lakes and snowy scenery. Don’t forget to stop off at the reindeer farm where you’ll get to warm up around an open fire with warm berry juice and traditional snacks.

    2. Snow village

    Each year, Finland’s famous Snow Village is made from snow and ice, only to melt away again when the weather warms up. The bedrooms feature ice sculptures, snow walls and even beds made from great slabs of ice. Explore some of the rooms before heading to the ice bar for a drink – chilled, of course.

    3. Husky dogs

    Hold on tight and yap with delight as a pack of excited husky dogs tow you through the amazing Arctic scenery. Your adventure will take you to a husky farm, where you’ll learn all about these friendly, hardworking dogs as you warm up around the campfire.

    4. Snowmobile adventures

    Embrace your inner James Bond as you get to grips with a snowmobile. You can drive one yourself or share the experience with friends and family. One thing’s for sure, as you snake between the snow-capped trees, you’ll get to see a side of Lapland that few get to experience.

    5. Northern lights

    Make sure you head to Lapland between October and March for the best chances of spotting the Northern Lights. An adults-only night-time snowmobile safari is a great way to escape any light pollution and maximise your chances of experiencing this natural phenomenon. Don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to capture those dancing multi-coloured ribbons forever.

    6. Snowball fight with elves

    Santa’s little helpers will entertain your little ones during an adventure-packed evening. Set in the heart of the magical forest, you’ll make decorations for your Christmas tree as well as having snowball fun, and trying snow shoe walking and mini-skidoos.

    7. Wildlife encounters

    Lapland is the perfect place to see some of the Arctic’s native residents in an real wilderness setting. You’ll be accompanied by elves as you look out for polar bears, wolves, Arctic foxes, elk, and lynx, as well as 20 species of rare bird.

    8. Santa Claus

    Okay, we know he doesn’t really exist, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to embrace our inner 5-year-old every so often. Here at Thomson Towers we’re not ashamed to say we still want to believe. Just don’t do what we did and try to sit on his knee. Turns out we’ve eaten too many mince pies this year…

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Author: Laura Crombie