24 Hours At The Adriatic Beach By Karisma

“The Adriatic Beach is the latest hotel to join the Karisma Hotels & Resorts family”

Read on to discover what you could be getting up to at this Croatian couples’ retreat……

  • 24 Hours At The Adriatic Beach By Karisma

    The Adriatic Beach is the latest hotel to join the Karisma Hotels & Resorts family. Read on to discover what you could be getting up to at this Croatian couples’ retreat…

    Karisma Hotels & Resorts have done it again – they’ve whipped up yet another hotel that ticks off snazzy bars, All Inclusive gourmet restaurants, a beautiful pool, a fab location… Seriously, when it comes to the Adriatic Beach by Karisma, the list goes on. (And on and on.) To give you a proper flavour of the place, here’s what a day at the hotel might look like…

    9am – Start the day with a swim

    If you’re booked in to a swim-up suite, you can go for a dip before you’ve even had breakfast. The room itself, meanwhile, is an interior designer’s dream. You can catch the news on the massive flatscreen TV or duck under the super-relaxing rain shower.

    9.30am – Have breakfast in the buffet restaurant

    The buffet restaurant could double as a celebrity chef’s joint, what with its chequered feature walls and high-backed seats. Food-wise, you’ll get to load your plate with everything from smoked meats and cheeses to just-baked breads.   

    11am – Grab a Bali bed by the infinity pool

    In the summer, temperatures along the Dalmatian Coast will be heading towards 25°C by late morning – perfect lounging weather. Head for the deck around the infinity pool, where you’ll find Bali beds, a cocktail bar and wide-open sea views. When lunch comes around, you’ll find dragging yourself away almost physically painful – which is where the snack bar comes in.

    12.30pm – Eat pizza for lunch

    Maybe it’s a leftover from Venetian rule, maybe it’s because Italy and Croatia are neighbours, or maybe it’s just because the locals really love pizza. Whatever the reason, Croatians have a fondness for Italian food. So of course the Adriatic Beach has gone one better – the lunchtime à la carte isn’t just an Italian, it’s a Gourmet All Inclusive® Italian.

    2pm – Sign up for a massage at the spa

    While you’re here, you might as well go ahead and treat yourself to a spa treatment. Prices vary, depending on whether you go for a full-body rub-down or a quick facial, but whichever treatment you choose, you’ll kick back in uber-stylish surroundings.

    4pm – Kick back on the beach

    While it’s easy to drift back to the infinity pool, don’t forget to venture further afield. And by further afield, we mean the few steps down to the hotel’s beach. It’s peaceful, it’s got sunloungers, and the view takes in dramatic pine-covered mountains. But it’s the sea that’s the real show-stealer – it’s bright turquoise and clearer than a glass of Hendrick’s.

    6pm – Tuck in to lobster by the sea

    The menu at the seaside à la carte changes with the seasons. There’s a common theme to all of the dishes, though – they’re inspired by Dalmatian Coast cuisine. So you can expect to dig in to things like lobster, salted cod and fish stew, to name a few.

    8pm – Sip a cocktail in the mojito bar

    The Adriatic Beach has its very own mojito bar. Needless to say, it’s effortlessly chic and draws in a stylish crowd to match.

    10pm – Finish the day with a swim

    The best bit about choosing a swim-up suite? You get to go for a dip whenever you like. Even when the moon’s up.

    The Adriatic Beach by Karisma opens its doors in May 2015. Find out more here.

Author: Catherine Roberts