5 things Finland is famous for

“Sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, Finland is associated with icy lakes, wild reindeer, and bright Northern Lights”

But what else has this country given the world?…

  • 5 things Finland is famous for

    Sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, Finland is associated with icy lakes, wild reindeer, and bright Northern Lights. But what else has this country given the world?


    Yep, Finland is home to the big man himself – Father Christmas. Hidden away in the Arctic Circle, Lapland is hands-down the most magical place on the planet. With husky-pulled sledges, cosy log cabins, and more reindeer than humans, this winter wonderland is a real-life fairytale. Where else can you build a snowman, ride a snowmobile, play with elves, bake with Mrs Claus, and meet Santa – all in one day? Lapland is unique, beautiful, and snow much fun (sorry). Thank you, Finland, for giving us this crazy Christmas-topia.


    These hippo-like creatures are quite the celebs. Originally created in Finland in 1945, these cute characters star in their own books, comics, TV programmes and films. The Moomin Boom (seriously, it’s a thing) saw these little guys become crazy-popular in the 1990s. Since then, they’ve been plastered on cups, coasters and clothes. They even have their own theme park in Finland. But if you need a Moomin fix closer to home, you can always head to London’s Moomin Shop instead.


    Oh Finland, you do know how to spoil us. Arguably one of the best inventions of all time, a Finnish sauna is perfect for some R&R. In Finland itself, saunas are a big part of everyday life. A steam sesh is seen as a necessity, not a luxury – which might explain why this country has over 3 million saunas. But you don’t need to fly there for an authentic experience. These toasty boxes can be found in hotels all over the world, from Croatia to London to Majorca. Just so you know, a true Finnish sauna will be dimly lit, without fragrances or background music. So if you’re into whale singing, you might need to go elsewhere.


    Remember these guys? Of course you do. How could anyone forget their exceptional Eurovision victory in 2006? Complete with devilish masks and creepy costumes, Lordi catapulted Finland into first place with their song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. Since then, they’ve toured around the UK, Europe and America. Whatever your music tastes, we can probably all agree that they’re very, erm, entertaining…

    Angry Birds

    The game that took over the digital world. Created by Rovio Entertainment in Helsinki, this Finnish franchise seemed to go viral overnight. Out of nowhere, there were birds and pigs flying across our screens all over the place. But the big question remains – why are these feathery creatures so angry? Well, you’ll soon be able to find out. Check out the trailer for The Angry Birds Movie, which is being released next summer.

    Falling in love with Finland? Visit Lapland this winter and see it for yourself.

Author: Sarah Reeves