5 Of The Best Markets In Goa

“‘Goan’ shopping? Head to these 5 famous flea markets and you’ll find everything from handmade treasures to spices by the sack-full”

  • 5 Of The Best Markets In Goa

    ‘Goan’ shopping? Head to these 5 famous flea markets and you’ll find everything from handmade treasures to spices by the sack-full…

    Anjuna Flea Market

    When? Wednesdays

    What to buy? Full Moon Party gear, local crafts, souvenirs, cheap beachwear

    As one of Goa’s most popular tourist attractions, this is the market you can’t miss. The merchandise comes from all over India and you’ll find everything from sculptures and saris to handmade artefacts and designer knock-offs. If you’re heading to the Full Moon party, you can grab your glow sticks and cheap clobber here or stock up on swimwear – you can never have too many bikinis, right girls? Haggling is expected here, so channel your inner Del-boy and get bartering.


    Saturday Night Market At Arpora

    When? Saturday, obvs

    What to buy? Jewellery, accessories, bags, cheeky drinks

    If shopping on a Saturday night doesn’t sound exciting enough, Arpora market provides the bars, live music and restaurant stalls to turn the occasion into a party. In between sipping daiquiris and listening to a live band, you can browse international denizens’ stalls offering funky jewellery, clothes, accessories and more. Be careful when combining cocktails with shopping though – you might end up with five carpets and a goat.

    Mapusa Market

    When? Friday

    What to buy? Spices, fresh fruit, pottery, bamboo products

    This lively market is bustling with bargain-hunters and vendors dressed in their colourful best. Locally-grown produce is sold so you can stock up on organic fruit. And it’s also the place to pick up spices, pottery and handmade bamboo products. For an authentic taste of Goa, you can sample tasty treats including home-made chourico sausages and locally-grown tamarind.


    Calangute Bazaar

    When? Saturday

    What to buy? Jewellery, textiles, your fortune

    In beach shacks stretched out along the sand, you’ll find an eclectic mix of local vendors, Kashmiri and Tibetan merchants selling textiles, and astrologers offering to read your fortune. After grabbing some handmade accessories and jewellery pieces, you can nip to the nearest fortune teller and see what’s written in the stars. They’ll be expecting you, of course.

    Mackies Market

    When? Saturday

    What to buy? Arts and crafts, quirky souvenirs

    If you like a scenic backdrop while you shop, Mackies Market is for you. With a river on one side and a saltwater lake on the other, plus bright, colourful stalls with lights reflected in the water, this is truly a picturesque spot. Although a bit smaller than some of the other markets, this is where you’ll find Pinterest-worthy arts, crafts and quirky souvenirs to bring back.


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Author: Selina Akhtar