4 Places Every Coffee Aficionado Needs To Visit

“It’s International Coffee Day, so here's our round-up of the world's best coffee digs”

  • 4 Places Every Coffee Aficionado Needs To Visit

    It’s International Coffee Day, so here’s our round-up of the world’s best coffee digs…

    September’s been a big month for coffee. Last week it was the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, a UK-wide charity event held in aid of Macmillan. And today it’s International Coffee Day – a day for the world to unite over all things coffee.

    If you can’t wait for the next big date in every coffee-addict’s diary – that’ll be UK Coffee Week in April 2016 – head to one of these destinations for your caffine fix – and then some…

    1. Costa Rica

    Coffee has been big business in Costa Rica for more than 300 years, so you know you’re getting the real deal here. Book in on a coffee tour to find out how the beans get from the field to your cup. Or, just sit back and drink some really good coffee…

    2. Italy

    If you like your coffee short, dark and strong, Italy is your place. In cities like Rome, espresso is a way of life – most locals here don’t leave the house before they’ve sunk a couple of cups. Just make sure your brew is served in porcelain, not plastic. The latter affects the coffee’s taste, apparently.

    3. Jamaica

    Rum isn’t the only export Jamaica’s got to shout about – its Blue Mountain coffee is up there, too. Set off to visit a working plantation and, as well as seeing the coffee being grown and harvested, you’ll get to sample it for yourself. If that sounds like heaven, our Croydon In The Mountain trip will be right up your alley.

    4. London

    flat white coffee
    That’s right – our very own capital city is worthy of a mention, too, for the sheer variety of coffee on offer. If it’s an authentic flat white you’re after, try Lantana – it’s been dubbed ‘a little bit of Australia in Fitzrovia’. And for a bit of old-world styling, don’t miss Monmouth Coffee. Like its Covent Garden location, this place is a London institution.

    Do you have any must-visit destinations to add to the list?

Author: Katie Gregory