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“Looking for the perfect beach read? We've got just the thing”

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    Looking for the perfect beach read? We’ve got just the thing…

    Travel and glamour go hand in hand in Rebecca Chance’s novels. They follow the explosive lives of wealthy, jet-set characters and sizzle with glamour and lust. But it’s the real-life backdrops that set these stories apart. The Sunday Times bestselling author sets her books in grand hotels – and stays at each one to research every last detail. For her latest page turner, Killer Queens, she checked in to the El Dorado Casitas Royale, on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast. Here she talks to Georgia Anderson about luxury travel, writing and royalty…
    Luxury travel is a key theme in my writing. I’ve set books in boutique hotels in Venice and the Maldives, a converted castle in Devon, a 5-star hotel on London’s Park Lane and now the lavish El Dorado Casitas Royale in Mexico.

    The stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Setting them in real hotels gives them authenticity and I spend a lot of time in them to make sure the writing’s true to life.

    My novels are big summer reads, but they’re definitely not chick-lit. They’ve been compared to 50 Shades of Grey and it’s a genre I absolutely love writing. They’re full of glitz and glamour and are very plot-heavy, with lots of mystery and big reveals.

    Killer Queens is about modern-day royal couples and the reality of a fairytale romance. It delves into the real lives behind all that luxury and privilege.

    You wouldn’t want to trade places with any of my characters. They live amazing lives in paradise locations, but they’re not happy. I’m obsessed with the cult of celebrity and how public image compares to what’s really going on.

    The El Dorado is fit for a princess. I wanted to find an elegant, gourmet hotel to set honeymoon scenes in and Thomson delivered on every level. I stayed in a gorgeous room with a private infinity pool, and the level of service was incredible. It blew me away.

    I spent a lot of time researching in Mexico, taking pages and pages of notes about the hotel, scribbling down names of staff, getting copies of all the menus and photographing everything. I did the same at the Rivera Maya’s big sights, like the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and the Xel-Ha eco-park.

    My writing routine in London is quite intense in comparison. I fuel up with coffee and write all morning. When I’m close to a deadline I can get down 3,000 words before lunch.
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Author: El Berwick