WIN The Ultimate Scene Survival Kit Worth £578

“With closing parties right around the corner, it’s your final chance to get in on this summer’s Scene action”

Here’s how you could win the ultimate list of things to take with you……

  • WIN The Ultimate Scene Survival Kit Worth £578

    With closing parties right around the corner, it’s your final chance to get in on this summer’s Scene action. Here’s how you could win the ultimate list of things to take with you…

    Been stuck in the office all summer, getting jealous at the endless stream of Ibiza pics on your Instagram feed? Fear not, because there’s still time to book a week (or two) in some of the planet’s biggest nightlife hotspots, courtesy of Scene. And, actually, September closing parties are known to be the best of the whole season. Need a bit more persuasion? Well, we’ve racked up the definitive list of products that’ll take your suitcase from ‘alright’ to A-list. Oh, and did we mention you can win the whole lot, too? All £578 of it. Read on to find out how…

    JeepPeep OLLIEJeepPeep Marlow
    Jeepers Peepers sunglasses Also featured on ASOS, this brand of sunnies focuses on bringing classic designs in to the 21st century. Arm yourself with a pair, and while everyone else is rocking the all-black wayfarer look, you’ll set the trend behind edgy mirrored lenses, or steampunk-inspired round frames.


    Selfy SwimSelfy Lens

    Selfy Store accessories The guys who brought us the original selfie stick now have a range of products to help you up your Instagram game. The super-wide Selfy Lens clips onto any phone’s camera lens, the Selfy Swim lets you take underwater snaps, and you can set up the Selfy Stand to make sure your full-body #ootd shots are on point.


    Slydes womensSlydes mens

    SLYDES pool sliders Not only does this summer’s pool slider craze allow you to pull off socks and sandals like a boss, but it also provides the platform for footwear brand SLYDES to inject a hit of streetwear style to the poolside. They’re making waves on ASOS, too.


    TASTE Cocktails

    TASTE Cocktails Mojito Kit Pre-drinking will never be the same. TASTE kits include vials of top-grade booze that are small enough to travel with, and a handy little booklet with recipes for around 6 drinks per box. Check out TASTE’s summer sale to save a tenner off three of their kits.


    Case Station

    Case Station phone case A phone case that looks the part, and can also deal with being dropped on the dancefloor. Case Station turn this fantasy into a reality, with artistic covers made from the same material used in spacesuits. We lost count of the number of designs you can pick from, and you can even upload your own.



    Tivoli Audio RadioSilenz headphones This pair of headphones is the world’s first active noise-cancelling headset to use real wood housings, which look really slick. The headphones reduce outside noise by up to 85% – just what you need on a busy flight. And, when your mate’s trying to get your attention, the touch of a button turns off the noise cancellation.



    blk. water No carbs, no calories, no caffeine, but loads of hangover-fighting electrolytes. That’s blk. water in a nutshell. Oh, and it’s actually black, because it’s infused with organic, tasteless fulvic minerals. blk. reckon drinking 2 bottles a day for 3 days will leave you feeling really fresh. Meanwhile, we’re just dreaming about the #allblackeverything outfit photos…


    Crep Protect spray Crep Protect Cure

    Crep Protect shoe care Let’s face it, your new Nikes can only handle so much shuffling. Step in Crep Protect – the revolutionary spray that creates an invisible liquid-and-dirt-repellent coat on your footwear (don’t believe us? Just watch). A quick scrub with their wipes will get rid of scuffs, too, and, if you need to give your sneaks a proper deep clean, the CURE kit is packed with premium cleaning products.


    Leef iBRIDGE

    Leef iBRIDGE 16GB mobile memory We’ve all been there – everyone lined up for an epic group photo, only to be met by the dreaded ‘There is not enough available storage to take a photo’ message. Thankfully, that’s old news, because you can save thousands of photos directly onto this iPhone-optimised USB drive.


    Faust's Potions

    Faust’s Potions Recovery Pack ‘What kind of sorcery is this?’ The kind that lets you kiss hangovers goodbye, actually. This pack contains a pair of all-natural, Alice-style potions – ‘Asleep’ helps your body relax after a night on the Jägerbombs, while ‘Awake’ loads you with nutrients to clear your fuzzy head in the morning.



    Olixar Power Up charging kit Picture the scene – you arrive at your hotel, start unpacking, and find out 3 of your mates forgot their chargers. Whip out this bad boy, and they’ll be buying you drinks all week. It’s a travel adapter that lets you charge 4 devices at once. Plus, it comes with 2 USB cables, and a portable power pack for when you’re on-the-go.


    BLOC Gatwick

    BLOC Gatwick airport hotel OK, so, technically, you can’t pack a stay in an airport hotel, but BLOC Gatwick lets you start your Scene holiday in style the night before your flight, so we had to include it in our list. The hotel’s right inside the terminal (hello, lie-in), and its pod-like rooms are packed with tech – everything from the TV to the air-con is controlled from a bedside tablet computer. We’ve got a voucher for a 1-night stay in a VIP room to give away, which is valid for 12 months.

    How to win the lot

    To be in with a chance of winning all the products in our round-up, all you need to do is email us at with your name, address, phone number and ‘Scene Survival Kit’ in the subject line, before 31st August 2015.

    Good luck!

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Author: Lee Dasilva