The UK Blog Awards, And Our Own Holiday Heroes…

“Thanks to you, our readers, we’re up for a UK Blog Award later this year”

So we’ve decided to share the love and shine the spotlight on some of the people who’ve made an appearance on these very pages…

  • The UK Blog Awards, And Our Own Holiday Heroes…

    Thanks to you, our readers, we’re up for a UK Blog Award later this year. So we’ve decided to share the love and shine the spotlight on some of the people who’ve made an appearance on these very pages. Say hello to the Thomson blog’s Holiday Heroes…

    You may remember us asking you to vote for us in the UK Blog Awards a few weeks back, and we’re really pleased to let you know that we’ve made it to the finals. We’re up against 9 other great blogs in the travel category, and we couldn’t be prouder to be in such great company.

    Our fate is now in the hand of a panel of expert judges, so we’ll be keeping everything crossed until the awards night in April. But all this talk of awards got us thinking about some of the amazing things we’ve been up to – and, more importantly, the inspiring people we’ve worked with – over the past year. And what with the Oscars coming up (c’mon, Leo) and awards season in full swing, we thought it only right that we dolled out some trophies ourselves (minus the red-carpet glamour, unfortunately).

    So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, may I introduce to you the Thomson blog’s Holiday Heroes hall of fame…

    Jade Jagger

    For services to fashion: Jade Jagger

    When we launched our brand new Sensatori Resort Ibiza, we knew we needed to team up with someone with a certain je ne sais quoi to really bring it to life. That’d be Jade Jagger, then. The fashion and interiors designer – who also happens to have one of the world’s most famous surnames – designed a special wellbeing zone in the resort. Plus, she unveiled a new range of stylish kaftans to wear on the beach – the perfect way to bring a blast colour to the White Isle.

    David Attenborough

    For services to wildlife: David Attenborough

    When passengers stepped onto our first ever flight to Costa Rica back in November, they were surprised to hear the unmistakable voice of Sir David Attenborough waxing lyrical about the Costa Rican rainforest through the PA system. Only it wasn’t actually Sir David at all – he was busy filming The Hunt. Instead, we roped in TV impressionist Terry Mynott, who fooled everyone onboard, and probably deserves a gong himself for pulling the whole thing off. No squabbling over the trophy now, boys.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 14.25.39

    For services to cake: Ian Cumming

    Our very own travel photographer made it all the way to the finals of the Great British Bake Off and we were pleased as punch. We got the scoop on the whole thing in an interview with the snapper-turned-baker, and triumphed when he snagged the title of Star Baker – an accolade he achieved 3 times. Ian, you’ll always be a winner in our eyes. Now can we have some of your famous GBBO macarons? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    GoPro Dad

    For services to fatherhood: Joseph P Griffin (AKA GoPro Dad)

    Mr Griffin unwittingly became a poster boy for embarrassing dads everywhere when he accidentally filmed an entire trip to LA with his GoPro facing… himself. His son, Evan, uploaded the footage to YouTube and internet fame soon followed. Luckily we picked out all the things the poor guy would have recorded had he, y’know, pointed the lens in the right direction. Thank you, Mr Griffin, for making us smile with the blow-by-blow commentary of the spectacular view. Of your face.

    Father Christmas

    For services to Christmas: Santa

    We sent 40 deserving families off to meet the big man in Lapland back in December, and he didn’t disappoint. After zipping around in the snow on a husky-drawn sled – when in Rome, and all that – the families set off for a meet-and-greet with him in his log cabin, and he took time out of his busy schedule to hear the kids’ Christmas wish-lists. He even managed to catch up with our Elf On The Shelf, who caught the whole rendezvous on Instagram, naturally.

    Alesha Dixon

    For services to music: Alesha Dixon

    You know that trip to Lapland we mentioned? There was one other reason it was the trip of a lifetime. Singing sensation and all-round nice lady, Alesha Dixon, also happened to be on the plane, and she filmed the video for her latest single while she was out there. We sent one of our roving reporters to follow all the action and get the inside scoop from Alesha herself. The only question left unanswered is where she got that cream fur coat from.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for us. The UK Blog Awards will be held in London on the 29th April. Check back here to see how we get on!

Author: Katie Gregory