Top 10 Christmas TV Ads

“Forget turkey, tinsel and mince pies”

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the usual run of festive adverts on the telly, and we’ve rounded up ten of our favourites here…

  • Top 10 Christmas TV Ads

    Forget turkey, tinsel and mince pies. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the usual run of festive adverts on the telly, and we’ve rounded up ten of our favourites here. Which one gets your vote?

    1. Coca Cola Christmas Trucks

    Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’… Those three little words – and the sight of a motorway’s worth of lit-up red lorries – still herald the start of the festive season on TV sets around the world. And you can see the famous festive trucks for yourself this year – check out the Coca Cola website to find out how.

    2. John Lewis 2011

    Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard people talking about this tear-jerker. It’s the one where the little boy impatiently counts down the days ‘til Christmas, only to bypass his pressies on the day and hurtle into his parents’ room to give them their gift. Soppy, yes. But we bet it’s had someone in your household blubbing.

    3. Coca Cola Polar Bears

    Yep, it’s another one from Coca Cola. The 1993 debut of the brand’s famous animated polar bears sees them settle down – movie theatre-style – to watch the Northern Lights. At the time, the ad showcased some pretty high-tech gadgetry, and it paved the way for plenty more.

    4. Quality Street Makes Christmas

    An entire Christmas tree made of Quality Street. Need we say any more?

    5. Argos – Aliens Going Shopping

    Christmas shopping as seen through the eyes of a family of long-necked, fuzzy blue aliens. Granted, it sounds a bit odd, but somehow it works. Listen out for the voices of Bill Nighy and Caroline Quentin. And watch it through to the end – the family rendition of ‘Walking In The Air’ is the best bit.

    6. Irn-Bru – Satire of The Snowman

    We can all picture the little boy and his frozen friend flying through the air to the sound of Aled Jones’ angelic voice. But what happens when you throw a can of Irn-Bru into the mix? This…

    7. Andrex Christmas Ad – with Slade

    The super-cute Andrex puppy has become an advertising icon over the years. Here he is in a special Nineties Christmas ad, along with a rather loud goose playing the part of Noddy Holder.

    8. John Cleese – Sainsbury’s

    Think Sainsbury’s ads, think Jamie Oliver? Rewind a couple of decades and John Cleese was doing it first, albeit with a lot less cockney rhyming slang.

    9. ASDA – Christmas Drinks Prices

    This one will make you smile – or cry. Check out the Christmas drinks prices back in 1984. £2.28 for a bottle of Martini, anyone?

    10. Marks and Spencer – Take That

    Take That and a bunch of gorgeous models having a jolly old time? It must be Christmas.

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Author: Vicki Robinson