Thomson Touches Down At Blogtacular

“Team Thomson landed a 787 Dreamliner in central London at the weekend to celebrate Blogtacular 2015”

“Team Thomson landed a 787”

Dreamliner in central London at the weekend to celebrate Blogtacular 2015…

  • Thomson Touches Down At Blogtacular

    Team Thomson landed a 787 Dreamliner in central London at the weekend to celebrate Blogtacular 2015…

    I have a life rule – never get up before 8am at the weekend unless it’s to catch a flight because you’re off on your hols. So you can imagine my, erm, ‘delight’ when my alarm started wailing like a banshee at 5.30am on Saturday morning. Reason being, I had to hightail it across London to Blogtacular – arguably the most talked about event in the blogging calendar. It’s the place where big-name and start-up bloggers come together to share ideas.

    Thomson Blogtacular

    Arm doors for departure

    So, why was I going? Aside from being something of a blogging aficionado myself, Thomson was sponsoring the event – and not for the first time. Last year, we brought a beach to Blogtacular, inviting bloggers to put on shades and sombreros and pose in front of a tropical backdrop. Let’s just say it was selfie central. This year, we decided to go one better and landed a Thomson 787 Dreamliner at the conference. Well, sort of. Take a look below…

    Thomson Blogtacular Plane

    Cupcake crazy

    Thomson Blogtacular Cupcakes
    At times, I thought we’d perhaps bitten more off than we could chew – getting 4 rows of plane seats through a particularly narrow doorway was a case in point. However, it was worth all the effort as our plane cabin set looked great – even if we do say so ourselves. What’s more, we brought an airline trolley with us, which was filled with Thomson cupcakes that had been specially made for the occasion by Lola’s Cupcakes. I think it’s fair to say they went down a treat with the bloggers, in more ways than one. Oh, and the cabin crew hats and scarves we donned generated a fair few ‘can I have a photo with you?’ Instagram pics.

    TOM trolley Blogtacular

    Airline seat pitch

    But this wasn’t a publicity stunt. We had some serious work to do. Here at Thomson, we’ve always been committed to reaching out to the blogging community – and so getting to meet up with the movers and shakers, not to mention the up and comers, of the blogosphere was great. Before the conference, we sent out an invite asking attendees to step aboard our plane and give us their best-ever ‘airline seat pitch’ – think elevator pitch but with a twist. In a nutshell, bloggers had two minutes to tell us why we should send them away on holiday as one of our roving reporters. Let’s just say, we were bowled over by the ideas – not to mention the effort and creativity that some people put in. From mock holiday brochures and faux passports, to swanky PowerPoint presentations, we saw some amazing stuff. Suffice to say, picking our favourite pitches to turn into reality is going to be a challenge. But watch this space – we’ll be announcing the winners on the Thomson blog soon.

    Shout outs

    Blog Badges
    In between the seat pitches, we managed to talk to some of the other Blogtacular sponsors. The paint specialists at Annie Sloan were great fun and let us unleash our inner Picassos on their painting wall. The lovely people at West Elm, meanwhile, treated us to canapés and craft-making in their flagship London store, having teamed up with Pinterest and Blogtacular to create a special evening dubbed ‘Pintacular’. But of course, the real highlight for us was getting to speak to some of our favourite blog-stars. We’re sending virtual high fives to Grace Bonney, the interiors guru behind Design*Sponge, Allison Sadler, the super-smiley founder of The People Shop, Anne Stark Ditmeyer, of (which happens to be one of our favourite travel blogs), and Xanthe Berkley, purveyor of all things photogenic and a long-time friend of Thomson. So, was it worth that nasty 5.30am start? You betchya – it was a spectacular day. In fact, you could say it was Blogtacular.

    Keep an eye out on the Blogtacular site for details about next year’s event.

Author: Christian Torres