Thomson Cruises Launches New Ports 2015

“From cascading lakes in Croatia to Trojan ruins in Turkey”

we take a look at the new ports of call on offer with our sister company…

  • Thomson Cruises Launches New Ports 2015

    From cascading lakes in Croatia to Trojan ruins in Turkey, we take a look at the new ports of call on offer with Thomson Cruises

    Bari, Italy

    Discover traditional Italy with a visit to Bari – a chic seaside city boasting rural charm and plenty of cathedrals. It’s perfect for exploring at leisure with open piazzas and quaint outdoor cafés to sit and people watch. For something a little different, take a trip to the Caves of Castellana to see underground caverns, spiky rock formations and crystal-covered basins. Fun fact – Bari is actually home to the bones of St Nicholas, the man Santa Claus is based on.

    Chios, Greece

    Calling all ghost-hunters – this Greek island is characterised by medieval architecture, narrow paved paths and deserted villages, making it the ideal place to search for spooks. Our excursion to the Nea Moni Monastery and Avanatos Village gives you the chance to visit an 11th-century Byzantine monastery decorated with gold mosaics. You’ll then explore the eerie cliff-top village of Avanatos, which is home to abandoned churches, houses and schools. Don’t forget your Proton Pack.

    Rijeka, Croatia

    Nestled in an inlet of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s third largest city boasts ornate Austro-Hungarian architecture and a vibrant harbour area. From here you can access the stunning Plitvice National Park – a spectacular fusion of cascading lakes, foaming waterfalls and soaring cliff faces. Take our Plitvice tour for a guided walk through the best bits of the park and learn about its thriving wildlife.

    Bozcaada, Turkey

    One of Turkey’s best-kept secrets, Bozcaada is famous for its secret pebbly coves and delicious wines. The little island is a stone’s throw away from Ancient Troy where you can visit the crumbling walls and ruins that inspired the Hollywood movie. You’ll learn fascinating facts about the Trojan War and take a look at a modern version of the giant Trojan Horse, which the Greeks used to win the war. A must for film or history buffs.

    Rovinj, Croatia

    The star attraction of the Istrian coast, Rovinj is characterised by shingle coves, a Venetian old town and a thriving cultural hub. Join our excursion to the Pula and Roman Ampitheatre to see sights such as the Temple of Augustus, Communal Palace and the Roman Ampitheatre – Croatia’s very own Colosseum, where gladiator battles and sporting events were once held. Not one for the squeamish.

    Which of our new ports would you like to visit?

Author: Selina Akhtar