The A-Z Of Lapland Holidays: R to Z

“In the final instalment of our A-Z guide to Lapland holidays, we talk food, weather, shopping and weddings… and everything in between”

  • The A-Z Of Lapland Holidays: R to Z

    In the final instalment of our A-Z guide to Lapland holidays, we talk food, weather, shopping and weddings… and everything in between.

    Fancy a trip to Lapland, but don’t have a clue when to go, where to stay or what to pack? Fear not – we’ve picked the brains of our Lapland team to find out the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Lapland holidays, and today we’re ticking off the letters R to Z…

    R is for… Restaurants

    Q: What’s the food like in Lapland?

    A: It depends on where you stay, but most hotels in Lapland put on international buffet spreads. Usually, there’ll be a selection of meat, fish and pasta dishes to choose from, as well as a variety of veg and salad. You’ll also find children’s favourites, like chips, meatballs and burgers, on offer. And some places serve Finnish specialities, like smoked reindeer pizza and salmon soup. As for restaurants, in Rovaniemi you’ll find everything from traditional Lappish fare to modern French cuisine.

    S is for… Snow

    Q: When does it snow in Lapland?

    A: Snow is pretty much guaranteed between December and March, although you can sometimes see the white stuff as early as October and as late as May.

    T is for… Travel Insurance

    Q: Do I need travel insurance to cover winter sports?

    A: If you buy travel insurance through Thomson, no – you’ll be covered for our Lapland activities. If you’re arranging your own, though, you will need to take out winter sports cover.

    U is for… Under-4s

    Q: Can I take my baby to Lapland?

    A: We don’t really recommend taking children under the age of 4 to Lapland – the chilly temperatures and types of activities on offer aren’t suited to really little ones.

    V is for… Santa Claus Village

    Q: Can I buy Christmas presents in Lapland?

    A: Yes – one of the best places to pick up festive gifts and souvenirs is Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. It’s a year-round market that sells things like handcrafted tree decorations, reindeer-skin slippers and traditional wooden drinking cups – perfect for mulled wine. You’ll find smaller markets in other resorts, too, as well as boutiques and department stores in Rovaniemi.

    W is for… Weddings

    Q: Can I get married in Lapland?

    A: Of course. Weddings in Lapland are really romantic affairs, with candlelit ceremonies, wedding breakfasts by log fires, and photos in snow-covered countryside. Have a look at Thomson Weddings to see where you could hold your big day, and what’s involved.

    X is for… Nothing(!)

    Q: What language do they speak in Lapland?

    A: Finnish is the official language, but you’ll find that most people can speak good English – Santa included. As for the letter X, you won’t find it in any native Finnish words, and it’s not included in Finnish Scrabble sets.

    Y is for… Yllas

    Q: Where can I stay in Lapland?

    A: Thomson offers a choice of 5 resorts for Lapland holidays. There’s Yllas (pictured above), Pallas and Levi in the scenery-laden Kittila region. Further south, you’ve got Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi – this is the place to be if you want loads of shops, bars and restaurants on your doorstep. And finally, there’s Saariselka. Buried deep in the Arctic Circle, it’s the closest resort to where Santa himself is said to have come from.

    Z is for… Time Zone

    Q: What’s the time in Lapland?

    The time zone in Lapland is GMT +2, so they’re 2 hours ahead of the UK.

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Author: Laura Weeden