The A-Z Of Lapland Holidays: M to Q

“In part 3 of our 4-part guide to Lapland”

we cover off what’s included in the price of a package…

  • The A-Z Of Lapland Holidays: M to Q

    In part 3 of our 4-part guide to Lapland, we cover off what’s included in the price of a package, Lapland daytrips, and everything you need to include on your packing list…

    Fancy a trip to Lapland, but don’t have a clue when to go, where to stay or what to pack? Fear not – we’ve picked the brains of our Lapland team to find out the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Lapland holidays, and today we’re ticking off the letters M to Q…

    M is for… Money

    Q: What’s included in the price of a holiday to Lapland?
    A: If you’re on a Thomson daytrip to Lapland, you can expect everything in your itinerary to be included – so that’s things like flights, lunch, and all your activities, from one-to-ones with Santa to tasters of snowmobiling and husky sleigh rides. With longer trips, what’s included depends on which holiday you’ve gone for – take a look at our Lapland holidays to find out all the info. In a nutshell, flights, accommodation and a selection of activities are normally included, but if you fancy doing things like a reindeer safari or a full snowmobiling excursion, that’ll cost extra. As for the currency in Lapland, it’s the euro.

    N is for… New Year’s Eve

    Q: Can I go to Lapland on New Year’s Eve?
    A: Yes – Lapland is a great place for a New Year’s Eve break. If you’re on a Thomson trip, you’ll get a 2-hour snowmobile ride and a tasty gala dinner on the day. If you’re heading for Rovaniemi, there are loads of fireworks displays going on, and a decent selection of bars and clubs for a night out.

    O is for… One-Day Visits

    Q: Are daytrips to Lapland worth it?
    A: You may only be spending one day in Lapland, but these quick breaks pack a lot in. We’ve got 2 daytrips on offer and they squeeze in loads of festive activities. In Rovaniemi, you can tour Santa’s toy factory, attend Elf School and decorate gingerbread men with Mrs Claus. There are also tasters of activities like husky sleigh rides, sledging and mini-skidoo rides. If you pick the Kittila trip, you can ride in reindeer and husky-led sleighs, try snowmobiling and listen to age-old Arctic tales. And, of course, on both trips you’ll have a chance to meet Santa himself.

    P is for… Packing

    Q: What do I need to pack?
    A: If you’re on a daytrip, we recommend you wear warm clothes and only take hand luggage on the plane, as we’ll lend you thermal gear (a cosy all-in-one thermal suit, as well as boots, gloves, socks and a hat), once we touch down. For longer trips, we’ll still lend you all the necessary kit – yours for the duration of your trip – but it’s a good idea to bring lots of layers, too. If you’re planning on skiing or snowboarding, you might want to bring special clothing – boots, goggles, helmets – for that, too, although you’ll usually be able to hire something while you’re out there. It might sound a bit odd, but think about packing swimwear, too – a lot of hotels have pools, hot tubs or saunas. And as for toiletries, thick moisturisers and lip balms will stop you getting dry skin or cracked lips in the cold weather. This site has some great tips on cold-weather clothes.

    Q is for… Questions

    Q: Where can I find out more about Lapland holidays?
    Have a look at our Lapland holidays website or if you want to have a chat with a member of our team, just call 0871 230 2555. You can also pop into one of our travel shops for some advice and a copy of our Lapland brochure.
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Author: Laura Weeden