Step Back In Time On Holiday

“Escape to a bygone era – without the need for a TARDIS – with a visit to one of these historic destinations”

  • Step Back In Time On Holiday

    Escape to a bygone era – without the need for a TARDIS – with a visit to one of these historic destinations…

    Google glasses, robotic vacuum cleaners, mashed potato vending machines (yep, they’re a thing) – 21st-century living is all very exciting. But, just sometimes, we’d like to step into Doctor Who’s TARDIS and whisk ourselves back in time to see what life was like centuries ago. If you’re the same, we can’t deliver you a magical police box (sorry), but we can suggest a few places where you can swap the modern world for a taste of ancient life…

    Valletta, Malta

    UNESCO-listed Valletta has so many centuries-old buildings it’s been dubbed an open-air museum. There are ancient forts. There are Baroque theatres. There are lavish palaces and palazzos. And that’s before we’ve even got to the ridiculously ornate St John’s Co-Cathedral, with its gold-coated interiors and Caravaggio paintings.

    Pompeii, Italy

    A wander around the ruins of Pompeii transports you back to 79AD, the year Mount Vesuvius blew its top and buried the city under 6 metres of ash and pumice. The site is huge, and careful excavations are still going on today. Stroll down the cobbled streets and you’ll pass bath houses, temples, the Forum, and an amphitheatre that’s 150 years older than Rome’s Colosseum.

    Nile, Egypt

    The ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about building – a few millennia down the line, their creations are holding up remarkably well. A river cruise takes you on a time-travel journey down the Nile, pit-stopping at the cream of the crop. You can potter around the temples of Horus, Luxor and Karnak, just like worshippers did thousands of years ago.

    Havana, Cuba

    OK, so it’s not exactly ancient life, but you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a different era in Havana. Vintage Chevrolets and Cadillacs purr through the streets past crumbling Spanish churches and colonial mansions, while old men hand-roll cigars outside dimly-lit salsa bars. Definitely a #nofilter kind of place.

    Which of these places do you fancy visiting?

Author: Laura Weeden