Starbucks In The Sky

“If you were looking to snooze your way to our long-haul destinations”

you might want to think again……

  • Starbucks In The Sky

    If you were looking to snooze your way to our long-haul destinations, you might want to think again…

    Not since Ben teamed up with Jerry – or since we teamed up with Philip Treacy, come to think of it – has there been such an exciting partnership. We’re joining forces with Starbucks, Seattle-natives and leaders of the coffee world. This collaboration, that’ll involve all long-haul flights serving a range of Starbucks drinks and snacks on board, has us hopping about in excitement – which could be down to our morning caffeine fix. But, suffice to say, it’s a proud moment.

    The mouth-watering array of Starbucks goodies will be offered as a service between meals… we’re talking treats like VIA® coffee, hot chocolate, caramel shortbreads, and fruit and nut bars. And if you’re flying Premium Club, you’ll also get complimentary Starbucks coffee with your meals.

    Thomson and Starbucks. You could say we’re the perfect ‘blend’. But that would mean we were ‘bean’ far too obvious. We’ll stop now.
    Will you be reaching for a Starbucks on our long-haul flights?

Author: El Berwick