Sensatori Goes Digital

“Forget the royal baby”

Here at Thomson HQ, there’s only one topic of conversation at the moment……

  • Sensatori Goes Digital

    Forget the royal baby. Here at Thomson HQ, there’s only one topic of conversation at the moment…

    It’s an exciting day here in the office. Not only are all our summer 2014 holidays going on sale, we’re also celebrating the launch of our first-ever iPad magazine. And this little foray into the digital magazine world isn’t just a first for us, it’s a first among UK tour operators. So excuse us if we brag just a little bit…

    The magazine shines the spotlight on Sensatori, our flagship collection of hotels. And it’s bursting to the seams with exclusive features, news articles, interviews, photography, video footage… everything but the kitchen sink, basically. The magazine has been designed to offer a really interactive experience, so you can tap to play behind-the-scenes footage, scroll your way through restaurant menus, and swipe from one amazing image to another.

    With so much to be wowed by, picking our favourite parts of the magazine was no mean feat. After a lot of arguing discussion among the team, here’s what made it into the top 5…

    1. Thomson Resort View

    If this doesn’t knock the socks off you, nothing will. Using your iPad as a viewfinder, you can go on a virtual tour of Sensatori Resort Sharm El Sheikh. Just move your tablet in different directions, and you’ll feel like you’re actually there.

    2. Sharm El Sheikh Destination Guide

    Scroll down to the page with all the fish, and we defy you not to be totes amazed.

    3. Sensatori Bars

    An article that features a cocktail recipe was always going to be popular. Sensatori’s signature concoction is the perfect summer cooler.

    4. Le Chique

    The brains behind Sensatori Resort Mexico’s gourmet restaurant shares the secrets of molecular gastronomy in this special interview.

    5. Play House

    Children can follow an interactive guide to making an edible volcano. Just don’t blame us if Angel Delight ends up all over your kitchen…

    So there you have it – 5 great reasons to download the magazine right this second. Need a 6th? You don’t have to pay a penny. Click here, or just log on to the Apple App Store, search for ‘Thomson Sensatori’, and hey presto.

    We’re itching to hear your thoughts on the magazine, so once you’ve downloaded it make sure you come back here and tell us your favourite bits.

Author: Samantha Shillabeer