On Location – Mexico’s Pacific Coast Retrospective

“After a week exploring Mexico’s Pacific Coast”

Sarah Holt issues her prescription for travel in this part of the world……

  • On Location – Mexico’s Pacific Coast Retrospective

    After a week exploring Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Sarah Holt issues her prescription for travel in this part of the world…

    PHOTOGRAPH… The Sierra Madre Mountains

    The Pacific Coast is Mexico’s green and pleasant land. This part of the country is bursting at the seams with greenery. The jungle dips its feet in the sea and, higher up, gives way to pine forests because of the altitude. In the midst of it all, you’ll find fruit orchards, botanical gardens, and coffee plantations.

    TRY… Power snorkelling

    With power snorkelling, you get a kick out of snorkelling without having to put any kick in. In fact, your flippers are almost redundant during this underwater activity. A fan-propelled motor pulls you through the water, so you can expend your energy on searching for the rainbow angels and rays that frequent the Pacific Ocean.

    EAT… Queso Panela

    This white cheese is made by artisans in and around the mountain town of El Tuito. Molded into shape in a basket, it’s got a springy texture and a taste that’s a bit like goats’ cheese. Crumble it into a taco and coat with guacamole and salsa.

    BUY… Huichol art

    This psychedelic art is Pacific Coast-specific. Traditionally, it’s made by the folk communities in the states of Jalisco – where you’ll find Puerto Vallarta – and Nayarit – where you’ll find Nuevo Vallarta. You can pick up Huichol sculpture, paintings and interior design in the shops that line Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon.

    DRINK… Tequila

    Tequila is to Mexico’s Pacific Coast what Champagne is to France and Sherry is to Spain. Bona fide tequila is only made in the state of Jalisco. The drink is made from the core of the blue agave plant and, just like wine, there are hundreds of different varieties.

    INDULGE… At the Riu Palace Pacifico

    Order a chocolate martini from the Petit Pegale lobby bar in the Riu Palace Pacifico and take it up to your Jacuzzi Junior Suite. Fill up the tub on the balcony, which overlooks the sea. Then sip your cocktail as the bubble jets purr.
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Author: El Berwick