Mumsnet Bloggers Do Majorca

“Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Development & Delivery, joined a team of Mumsnet bloggers on a trip to a Thomson Family Resort”

  • Mumsnet Bloggers Do Majorca

    Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Development & Delivery, joined a team of Mumsnet bloggers on a trip to a Thomson Family Resort…

    “We’d like you to take 5 mums to Majorca.”

    This was the PR team’s opening gambit, first thing on a Monday morning. OK, I thought, sounds great.

    “The mums will each bring a toddler,” they continued, “and we want you to bring yours, too, so you can, you know – empathise.” Hmmm, I thought, a bit more complicated, but still perfectly do-able.

    “Oh, and just so you know, they’re all journalists and professional bloggers, so they’ll be reporting their findings to the masses…” OK, I decided, I’m up for the challenge. I’ve got 3 kids of my own, after all. How hard can it be?

    Questions, questions…

    Fast-forward a couple of weeks and sure enough, I found myself – and my 18-month-old daughter – getting ready for a trip to the Protur Aparthotel Bonaire, one of our Thomson Family Resorts, along with a team of Mumsnet bloggers and their little ones. The mums ranged from an experienced world traveller, to a nervous first-timer who hadn’t taken her toddler abroad before. Unsurprisingly, then, the questions came thick and fast from the off.

    • Can I take baby milk though security? Yes.
    • Can I take the buggy right to the aircraft? Yes.
    • Can I check in my car seat and extra baby stuff? Yes – infants get 10kg of luggage free.
    • Will there be a chance for some chill-out time alone? Yes, thanks to daytime and evening crèche sessions.
    • Will the rooms have fridges and blackout blinds? Yes, they all do.
    • Will there be anything that my child can eat? Yes – the choice is superb.
    • Is there a children’s pool? Yes – a huge one with pirate ship…


    Wish you were here

    Questions answered, we set off for our destination, and the excitement started as soon as we got to the airport. The flight itself was a breeze, the apartments on arrival were modern, spacious and very practical for families, and the facilities at the hotel were superb – from the kids’ playground and pirate ship pool, to the à la carte Italian restaurant. Then there are all the little extras you get at every Thomson Family Resort – the parent and baby room, the soft play room, the Mothercare baby packs and cots… I could go on.

    Special mention goes to the staff – everyone we met, from the childcare experts to the entertainment team, went out of their way to help us. But of course, there can only be one true star of the trip, and that accolade goes to Thomson the Dog. Our little gang, like all the children at the Bonaire, fell swiftly and firmly under his spell, helped somewhat by the gift of a soft toy, an activity pack and a catchy tune at the ‘T-time Live’ show. All in all, our mini-guests ate well, slept well and played well during their 3-night stay. That’s 3 big ticks against the holy trinity of happy parenting.

    Aside from time around the pool making the most of the sunshine, the mums also went on a trip to the local beach and spent a day in Palma at the Aquarium – which is perfect for pre-schoolers – followed by lunch at the marina-side restaurant, C’an Eduardo.

    On reflection

    Looking back on the trip, I’m glad the PR team sent me packing for Majorca. I knew Thomson Family Resorts were pretty special – it’s my job to make sure of it, after all – but what better way to put them to the test, than by seeking first-hand reviews from those in the know? So far the bloggers’ posts about the trip have been really positive, which is fantastic. But don’t just take my word for it – pop over to their blogs and read about the trip for yourself (with thanks to Confessions Of A Crummy Mummy for the Linky!).

    Find out more about Thomson Family Resorts hereAnd check back next week to meet the bloggers and read about their best bits from the trip.

Author: El Berwick