Keeping In Shipshape

“Staying trim on a cruise holiday is easier than you think”

Here’s our guide to battling the boat-deck bulge… …

  • Keeping In Shipshape

    Staying trim on a cruise holiday is easier than you think. Here’s our guide to battling the buffet bulge…

    It’s easy to think cruising is all about indulging at fancy gala dinners and quaffing cocktails from your armchair perch in the lounge bar. But cruise traveller doesn’t have to equal coach potato. There are loads of ways you can keep trim on your travels. Here’s how…

    On your bike

    A walking tour is all well and good, but did you know that cycling burns up to 500 calories an hour? That’s exactly why you should sign up for a Star Bikes tour. They’re available on all Thomson Cruises, and you can choose between leisurely rides over flat ground, or something a bit more challenging. You’ll see the sights with a guide just like you would on a normal tour, but you’ll be toning your legs and bum while you’re at it – win-win.

    Make like Jessica

    Okay, so you may not have a long ribbon of sand to jog down of a morning, but what you do have on all Thomson ships is your very own running track. It’s marked out on the Sports Deck, and curves right the way around the ship’s edges. Lace up your trainers and set your alarm nice and early, and you can time your jog for sunrise. The deck is the place to join in with basketball, volleyball and 5-a-side football, too.

    Shoot for the stairs

    Lifts are ten-a-penny on our ships, but then again, so are stairs. There are a whopping 12 decks on Thomson Dream, 11 on Thomson Majesty, and 9 on Thomson Spirit and Thomson Celebration. And while some of them are off-limits, that’s still a whole load of steps to manoeuvre. Don’t sniff at the advice – giving the lift a miss is the cheapest route to feeling fitter. Stair-climbing is great for your heart, lungs, bones, muscles and flexibility and, believe it or not, it uses up the same amount of energy as intense swimming. In fact, it’s even a sport in its own right. No, really – it is.

    Top of the class

    Each ship in the fleet has a packed activity schedule, which includes fitness classes. And we’re not just talking standard aerobics here – you can try Zumba, yoga and pilates sessions onboard. There are even workouts that target specific areas of the body. So you can surprise everyone back home by stepping off the ship with Abbey Clancy-style abs. If that sounds too much like hard work, pack your cowboy boots and try line dancing.

    Figure it out

    Want to know the cheat’s secret to holiday slimming? The ship’s spa. Yes, it’s a place to relax and essentially do nothing. But while you’re doing nothing, clever lotions and potions get to work to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Body wraps, for example, banish toxins and tighten the skin, and research suggests they take around 6 inches off you each time you treat yourself. Anti-cellulite treatments, meanwhile, help improve the appearance of the dreaded orange peel.

    Ship seminars

    If you don’t want to shell out for spa treatments, you can sign up for free seminars on health and fitness instead. There’s loads on, and they often cover topics like how to lose weight and improve your metabolism.

    Fancy putting it all to the test? Check out the Thomson Cruises website to book. And don’t worry, you can spend your whole cruise doing nothing if you prefer – we promise we won’t tell anyone.

Author: Elle Hammond