Freerunning Takes To The High Seas

“Thomson Dream gets a Platinum makeover and shows it off in style”

  • Freerunning Takes To The High Seas

    Thomson Dream gets a Platinum makeover and shows it off in style…

    Our first thought when we saw these pics was, “Well, Abercrombie & Fitch have certainly stepped up their game.” Turns out these athletic chaps in question don’t hail from a pitch-black, heavily-perfumed store. They are, in fact, a record-breaking freerunning team called 3RUN. What’s more, they’ve worked on Hollywood blockbusters like Casino Royale and Harry Potter, and can scale the side of buildings with the same ease it’d take for us to make a cup of tea.

    Y’know… just hanging out.


    The freerunners’ latest stunt involves Thomson Dream, which, along with Thomson Celebration, has recently had a multi-million pound makeover to raise it to Platinum Cruise ship status. We’re talking refurbished cabins, revamped restaurants and bars, and a luxurious spa… and we want to show them off. So, with a drop-dead gorgeous Caribbean backdrop, these world-renowned professionals make leaping over stairwells, jumping from balconies and recreating the ship’s flag (like you do) look like a doddle. All in the name of showcasing the ship’s renovations.

    Back in the day, we were pretty chuffed if we managed to shimmy halfway up the big rope in gym class, so suffice to say, our minds are officially blown by their cruise ship antics.


    So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and marvel at their superhero skills… and Thomson Dream, of course:



    Chase Armitage – even his name is cool – CEO of 3RUN told us, “The new-look Thomson Dream provided the ideal freerunning playground for us to create some never-done-before stunts that show off both the ship and the skills of our team. In true action-film style we’ve created content that will entertain every generation.

    Well, Chase, you’ve definitely succeeded.


    What do you think of the film?

Author: El Berwick