Even H-app-ier Holidays

“The MyThomson app has some new tricks up its sleeve – we reveal the latest additions”

  • Even H-app-ier Holidays

    The MyThomson app has some new tricks up its sleeve – we reveal the latest additions…

    In July, we got all excited about the launch of the brand new MyThomson app. It’s had more than 146,000 downloads to date, and it’s no surprise really. The app lets you check the latest weather forecast for your destination, access your booking details on the go and even brag to friends and family about your next trip. And now, we’re happy to report, it’s got even more strings to its techie bow. Check out the new features below…

    1. Holiday checklist

    You’ve heard of wedding planners, right? Well, the holiday checklist is like your very own travel planner. It’s split into 2 sections – the to-do list and the packing list. So not only are you safe from forgetting essentials like travel insurance and currency, you’re in no danger of leaving your favourite maxi-dress behind.

    2. Currency converter

    Use this handy converter to decide how much money you’re taking away with you. Then, when you’re away, keep it handy in the market to see how much that faux Mulberry really costs.

    3. Holiday alerts

    We’ll remind you about any important things you need to do before you fly, fill you in on any offers or holiday extras, and highlight anything that crops up that could affect your time away.

    4. Travel money

    The travel money gizmo lets you check out the exchange rate in the place you’re going, find your nearest Thomson shop where you can get your money changed up, and read all about the Travel Money Card and its benefits.

    5. Social sharing

    Okay, so you can already induce a fair amount of jealousy by sharing things like your holiday countdown with friends and family. But now, you can take social media bragging one step further, and post updates about your hotel and destination on Facebook and Twitter, using the ‘share’ buttons.

    And there’s more good news… we’re currently working on versions for Android phones and First Choice, so even more of you will be able to app-reciate (sorry) the range of handy features. In the meantime, iPhone users looking to download the MyThomson app can do so by following this link.

    Anything else you’d like to see in the MyThomson app? The creators are thinking up improvements all the time, and they’re all ears. Send them your suggestions at

Author: Elle Hammond