Dream Haul Has Arrived

“Ladies and gentleman”

The wait is over…

  • Dream Haul Has Arrived

    Ladies and gentlemen. The wait is over.  The Thomson 787 Dreamliner touched down on British soil for the very first time at 11am, having flown from the Boeing Everett Factory in Seattle. It will be followed with the delivery of a further 3 Thomson 787 aircraft this summer.


    The Dreamliner is set to revolutionise air travel and leave holidaymakers more relaxed and refreshed than ever before, with comfort and well-being features on-board reducing the effects of jet-lag. It can also fly much further than similar-sized aircraft and is more environmentally-friendly, using 20% less fuel.

    Thomson Airways will fly the state-of-the-art aircraft from London Gatwick, Manchester, East Midlands and Glasgow airports, on long-haul routes to Sanford, Florida and Cancun in Mexico, starting from 8 July 2013.


    Dreamliner Infographic

    To coincide with the launch of this superb aircraft, we’ve created a visual history of flight, all the way from the myth of Icarus, the original passenger plane, the aircraft that was used for Queen Elizabeth II’s first flight, through to Concorde, and now the 787. Take a trip through history right here.


    Dreamliner 787 infographic

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    Holidays just got better with the introduction of the Thomson 787 Dreamliner. Learn more about the history of flight and then take your pick from stunning destinations in Mexico and Florida to experience the future of air travel.

    Where are you going? Tell us your perfect destination for a trip on the #Dreamliner.

Author: Osman Khan