Beach In The City

“Things are looking just beachy in Scotland’s capital city…”

“Things are looking just beachy”

in Scotland’s capital city……

  • Beach In The City

    Things are looking just beachy in Scotland’s capital city…

    As the UK laps up the best bout of sunshine we’ve had since Take That were around the first time, everyone’s thoughts are drifting towards heading to the beach and catching some rays. But if you’re in a city – Edinburgh, more specifically – and are thinking, “Chance would be a fine thing”, then think again. Your wish is our command. And no, we’re not talking some little sandpit we’ve borrowed off our nephew, we’re talking an actual beach in Edinburgh Zoo. With parasols, deckchairs, and everything.

    As part of the zoo’s celebrations for its centenary year, we’re sponsoring the Sand Zoo, a 60-ton sand sculpture and a ‘beach in the city’. Check out some of our pics…
    Testing out the sandy stuff. We’re thorough like that.

    The years spent watching Art Attack were finally put to good use…

    Kathryn Ward, Director of Retail & Financial Services for Thomson explains the thinking behind it: “We’re really pleased to have been able to partner with Edinburgh Zoo on this project. Thomson offer modern, unique and expertly designed holiday experiences for our customers where they can enjoy some quality time away. We know that great beaches are a key part of many customers’ holidays and it’s fantastic that visitors to the zoo can get a piece of this through the sculpture and the ‘beach in the city’. We’re sure that people will love the experience.

    All we need now is an ice cream…
    Has anyone been sunning themselves on Edinburgh Zoo’s beach?

Author: El Berwick