5 Travel Gadgets You Need Right Now

“As Doctor Who returns to our screens this Saturday, we look at the latest travel-friendly gadgets even the Time Lord would be proud to take on his holidays”

  • 5 Travel Gadgets You Need Right Now

    As Doctor Who returns to our screens this Saturday, we look at the latest travel-friendly gadgets even the Time Lord would be proud to take on his holidays…

    Whovians rejoice. After 800 episodes (yes, really) and a Christmas special that saw Peter Capaldi emerge as the latest title character, Doctor Who is back. Fans will be tuning in each week to watch the Doctor step in to his TARDIS, equipped with all sorts of gizmos, like the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator – ahem – and his signature sonic screwdriver. So, inspired by the Time Lord’s Dalek-busting inventory, we’ve scoured cyberspace in search of the latest techie treats to take on your own travels. In the same era, we presume.

    Pebble Steel Smartwatch – £150

    Wearable tech – the latest fad of futuristic gadgetry you can wear. Google are giving it a go with Glass, a pair of specs with a teeny heads-up display in the corner, but it’ll probably be a while before that takes off. In the meantime, smartwatches are already turning heads. And the Pebble Steel is leading the pack. For starters, it looks the part, coming with both classic leather and swanky steel wristbands. Now consider the fact its 1.7-inch screen does most things a smartphone or tablet can do. It’s got its own app store, it can control your music device or camera, and it’ll even send you a live feed of the latest football scores. Plus, sync it up to your phone and it’ll vibrate when you get a notification – this means when you’re lounging by the pool, you only have to glance at your wrist rather than dig through your bag to find your phone. Final selling point? Its battery lasts up to a week.

    Netatmo June – £69

    See? We told you wearable tech was popular. And if a smartwatch is for him, this one’s definitely ‘pour femme’. The June is a little gem of a gadget. No, seriously – it’s a diamond-shaped device that monitors your sun exposure and lets you know, via an app, when it’s time to slap on more factor 50. Its look is crafted by an expert jewellery designer, and it can be worn as an elegant bracelet or pinned on to your sarong as a brooch. It’s fully personalised, too, so it can differentiate between olive skin on an overcast day, and a sun-shy pale complexions in the Caribbean. Once you’ve booted up the app, just tap in your skin tone and what suncream you’re wearing, and you’ll get a ping on your phone when you’re nearing the limit of safe exposure. So long, sunburn.

    Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Holder – £24.99

    Arachnophobes, look away now. This award-winning tablet holder has an ingenious 8-legged design, meaning it’s compatible with any tablet, and can be used in pretty much every way imaginable. Each of its legs bends independently, so you can hang, stand, mount, or grip your device on practically anything. Want to catch up on all those episodes downloaded to your tablet while you were away? Here’s an idea – attach the Spiderpodium to the seat-back tray table on the plane, et voilà. Breffo also do a smaller version that’s perfect for phones, MP3 players and sat-navs. Oh, and you can pick up the tablet-sized Spiderpodium onboard all Thomson Airways flights.

    GoPro Hero3 – £199

    Give it a few years and action cameras may well be as popular as the Polaroid. GoPro is the leader in this field of dinky, but powerful – we’re talking full HD – personal camcorders. They can be mounted on helmets and vehicles for awesome point-of-view shots, or attached to the end of handheld arms for the best possible selfie. GoPro videos have gone über-viral lately. In fact, a cleverly edited (and quite scary) clip of a guy apparently coming face-to-face with a shark after jumping off a cliff in Sydney Harbour is teetering on an impressive 26 million views on YouTube. Want to get your own videos trending? Follow-me shots down waterslides, fish-eye views while scuba diving, and POV clips of excursions will guarantee you more page views.

    Mophie Space Pack – £159.95

    Let’s be honest – a good proportion of your holiday is going to be spent Instagramming photos of your toes in the sand, Facebook-ing updates from your sunlounger, and Skypeing the family to let them know you got there safely. And, in this day and age, you’ll probably be doing all of the above from your iPhone. So, the guys at Mophie came up with Space. In short, it’s a protective case for your phone. Exciting stuff, right? Bear with us. Space is one of those nifty cases that comes with a built-in battery pack, so it can give your phone a boost when it’s dangerously low. But that’s not all. Space is the world’s first rechargeable battery case that also acts as external storage, giving you up to 64GB of extra space (hence the name) to save playlists, holiday snaps and videos. It looks really swish, too.

    What gadgets do you pack for holiday?

Author: Lee Dasilva