5 Reasons To Download The MyThomson App

“MyThomson app – your one-stop shop for planning your next escape to the sun”

And now, even more of you can use it……

  • 5 Reasons To Download The MyThomson App

    MyThomson app – your one-stop shop for planning your next escape to the sun. And now, even more of you can use it…

    Those of you heading off on holiday this summer just can’t get enough of our MyThomson app. Maybe it’s the convenience of having all your holiday info in one place? Perhaps it’s the ability to manage your booking and add extras? Or is it just the opportunity to connect (read: gloat) via social media? Whatever it is that’s put a smile on your face, with so many stand-out features, it’s no wonder it’s made you so (h)app-y… (Sorry). But ‘Why can I only use it for this summer’s bookings?’ I hear you cry. Yes, we know, some of you have already planned next winter’s break. And summer 16’s not far off, either. So, from now on, it won’t matter when you’re going away with us – our MyThomson app will be available to everybody. You’ll just need a half decent smartphone or tablet and some positive, holiday enthusiasm. Here are 5 reasons to hit the ‘download’ button.

    1. Shareable weather forecast and countdown timer

    You’ve booked your break – great. But now you want to know how long you’ve got to put up with the lousy British weather. And, while you’re at it, you want to know just how much warmer it is where you’re heading. Fear not – the MyThomson app will tell you the exact number of days, hours, minutes and, even seconds ’til you jet off to balmier climes. It’ll also give you a 5-day weather forecast. Fancy making your friends and family green with holiday envy? Share your countdown and weather forecast on Facebook or Twitter, all via the app.

    2. Everything’s in one place

    Your flight details, booking reference number, and hotel info are all stored in one handy place with the MyThomson app. So there’s no need to have all those messy sheets of paper lying around. Where’s the shredder?

    3. Book extras

    For exclusive deals on holiday essentials, the MyThomson app is the place to be. You’ll find all you need to know about car hire, flight extras, excursions and foreign currency. So there’s no excuse not to have everything sorted before you go.

    4. Handy notifications

    This feature will give you polite reminders as you move along your holiday journey. We’ll let you know when Select Your Seat opens, so you can be the first in line to secure the seats you want. We’ll let you know when you can check in online, so you can beat the airport queues. And, if there are any other important updates about your holiday, we’ll keep you posted on those, too.

    5. Online check-in

    Fancy making your trip to the airport even easier? Download you boarding passes straight to your device. Then, you’ll just need to flash your phone at the airport and we’ll scan your QR code. Even fewer print-outs helps keep the environment happy, too.

    The MyThomson app is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play, now. Haven’t booked a holiday with us yet? Download it anyway – you’ll find loads of inspiration, right at your fingertips.

Author: Chris Rolinson