10 Packing Hacks You Need To Know

“Packing is probably everyone’s least favourite part of a holiday”

Wave goodbye to tangled jewellery, lost earrings and leaky shampoo, with our round-up of stress-saving tips……

  • 10 Packing Hacks You Need To Know

    Packing is probably everyone’s least favourite part of a holiday. Wave goodbye to tangled jewellery, lost earrings and leaky shampoo, with our round-up of stress-saving tips…

    1. Roll clothes instead of folding

    This might be an oldie, but it’s the number 1 rule. Rolling saves on space and stops your blouses and shirts from getting creased. Plus, it’s how flight attendants do it, so you’ll be packing like a pro.

    2. Thread necklaces through straws

    You can spend ages trying to detangle your favourite necklaces. Here’s the easy – and cheap – solution, just thread them through straws to keep them knot-free. Pill containers can also make a great on-the-go jewellery box. Bobbie pins, earrings and necklaces can all be stored in a separate compartment.


    3. Use a dryer sheet to keep clothes fresh

    Put a tumble dryer sheet between your clothes to get rid of that ‘eau de airplane’ fragrance. After a long-haul flight, your clothes will smell as fresh as a daisy, even if you don’t…

    4. Put shoes inside shower caps

    Ever take those free shower caps from hotels, just because you can? Come on, we won’t judge, especially as they come in handy with this hack. Whether you’re aiming to keep your clothes clean, or your favourite shoes protected, they’re the perfect size to pop around shoes and keep your case dirt-free.

    5. Use an old button to keep earrings together

    We’ve all been there – rummaging around for that last earring, desperately trying to avoid the Jack Sparrow look. All you need for this hack is a spare button or 2. Pin each pair of earrings to a button and you’ll find them in no time.


    6. Fill straws with skincare products

    If you’re only going on a quick getaway, there’s no point packing full-size bottles of suncream and moisturiser. Instead, fill drinking straws with your products and use a heat sealer to block up the ends. Another tip? Fill a spare contact lens case with foundation and face cream. 

    7. Use a belt to keep your shirt collar straight

    Put a rolled-up belt inside your shirt collar and it’ll stay stiff. Plus, it’s basically a win-win situation, as you get to stow away another item, without using up any extra space.

    8. Fill shoes with stuff that won’t burst

    There’s a whole realm of space at the bottom of your shoes – prime for packing full with smaller items. You can stuff underwear or bottles in there, and store delicate things in your socks.


    9. Put a plastic sheet over bottles to stop leakage

    Surely there can’t be anything worse than opening up your case and finding your clothes covered in TRESemmé? Put cling film over the top of leak-prone bottles, seal them back up, and your clothes will be in the clear.

    10. Protect your razor with a binder clip

    Razor blades aren’t exactly the most travel-friendly item. They can damage other things in your wash bag and become rough. Attach a binder clip to the blade and voilà – it’s protected while in transit.

    Is there anything we’ve left off our list?

Author: Annabel Langley