Six fun things to do on a cruise ship

“There’s so much more to cruising than amazing eateries, packed itineraries and premier service”

Yes, really…

  • Six fun things to do on a cruise ship

    There’s so much more to cruising than amazing eateries, packed itineraries and premier service. Yes, really. Here are six activities you didn’t know you could do on a cruise ship…

    Outdoor cinema

    Open-air cinemas are the new trend. After all, there’s no better way to spend an evening, than catching a film while the sun sets. On TUI Discovery’s deck nine you’ll find our very own outdoor number. It shows a range of box office hits and Hollywood classics to keep every film fan happy. And, you can grab blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate from the nearby bar to make it extra cosy, too.

    Virtual reality experience

    This free experience on TUI Discovery 2 is based on deck three. Strap on a special headset and you’ll be transported into space, under the sea, and into various other worlds to play games like ‘Space Pirate Trainer’ or even make 3D paintings with Google Tiltbrush. Your friends can watch you play on a TV screen too.


    Some would argue that a holiday isn’t a holiday unless you’ve challenged your family and friends to a game of minigolf. And, luckily, you can practice your game on a cruise ship, too. You’ll find a nine hole minigolf course on the deck of TUI Discovery. Just don’t let the amazing sea views put you off your swing…

    Green screen

    Did you know that you could visit the beaches of Barcelona without leaving the ship? Take the family to our green screen photo booth experience, and you can create all kinds of comedy snaps with a variety of backdrops from all over the world, and on the ship. Best of all, this experience is free, and you can email the photos to yourself and upload them on social media.

    Climbing wall

    If you’ve got a head for heights, brave TUI Discovery and TUI Discovery 2’s very own rock-climbing wall. Perfect for families with older kids who love to get active. Make it to the top and you’ll get a birds-eye-view of the ship and the ocean too.

    Escape room

    Real-life escape rooms are the ideal activity to bond families and new friends, as you all work together to solve a series of puzzles. TUI Discovery’s very own version will see you pitching in as a team to solve the clues before the time runs out.

    Which activity floats your boat?

Author: Selina Akhtar