My Caribbean Treasures

“A Carribean cruise has been on my must-do-holidays list for so long”

Read on to find out how Michelle Turley from Pre Travel Communications got on…

  • My Caribbean Treasures

    Mchelle TurleyA Carribean cruise has been on my must-do-holidays list for so long. So the day I got to step onboard the Thomson Dream with my boyfriend Luke, I couldn’t wait to explore the islands awaiting us. I could talk about it forever, it really was that amazing. But there were a few bits that really stand out, so let me take you through my personal journey of life in paradise – highlighting my favourite destinations and excursions.


    We arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados, somewhere I had only ever dreamed of seeing. We booked an excursion – ‘Turtle Encounter’ – at Destination Services onboard, so we were prepared to take advantage of our day in paradise. I’ve got a phobia of the sea, so I’m not really sure what possessed me to choose a snorkelling trip. If only I could have stopped myself humming the ‘Jaws’ theme tune, I might have been a bit less nervous. It took me a while to make my legs move to jump off the side of the boat but it was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I have ever had – seeing the turtles was amazing! I’ll never know if the guide was joking or not when we got back on the catamaran and he asked us all if we had seen the baby sand shark. I was happy to get back to the white sandy beach for a few rum punches!

    St KittsSt Kitts

    Another of my favourite destinations was definitely St Kitts. We booked the ‘Quad Biking’ excursion that would take us through the winding mountains of St Kitts. As I’m the driver out of the two of us, I thought I would naturally be better at quad biking. How wrong I had been? After some practice time, the manager came marching over shouting in my direction – “she no ride” in a local accent. I, unfortunately, could not control my quad bike at all. Even the 14-year old kid on the excursion could ride his – I swear he was smirking at me all day. Of course, that meant I had to wear the bright red helmet and sit on the back of the guide’s quad bike! All in all, it was a very enjoyable day and I got to see some wonderful sights and had my own personal commentary from the guide.


    Dominica really was as pretty as a picture – with the surrounding rainforest, echo of the singing birds and its natural beauty. So I was very much looking forward to our ‘Indian River Rowboat’ excursion. It was really interesting to see the wildlife and how the locals live. They all seem to travel by river boat. It was even more interesting when we docked up in the middle of the rainforest only to find a make-shift wooden bar serving – you guessed it – rum punch. Now that would be a long taxi ride home by boat if you had one too many – we certainly had a fun time on the trip back with a little rum added to the mix.

    British Virgin IslandsTortola – British Virgin Islands

    Tortola is an island we’ve always been keen to visit and we were finally here. We had, again, opted for an organised excursion, choosing ‘Touring Tortola and Beach’. We found we were getting the most out of our dream cruise by planning ahead and taking advantage of the many excursions on offer from the Destination Services team. Trundling round in an open-sided land rover we explored the island. My slight fear of heights going up the steep mountains made it difficult to get a good picture, but my boyfriend took over and got a bit snap-happy. It paid off though, we’ve got a few lovely pictures which we’ve enlarged and framed. We then spent the last part of the day chilling on the white sandy beach, soaking up the sunshine.

    This was my first cruise and definitely will not be my last! I found that we got so much out of exploring the different destinations and taking part in the various excursions. I really enjoyed cruising also, standing on the deck at night with nothing but the sea and starts – perfect.

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Author: Michelle Turley