Meet the Saccone Joly family

They went on an adventure with Marella Cruises and let their five-year-old daughter, Emilia, plan their holiday.

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The Saccone Jolys' cruise
Cuban Fusion

At Marella Cruises, we're so confident that we offer cruises to suit everyone, that we decided to put it to the test. How did we do this? By putting the Saccone Jolys' five year old, Emilia in charge of planning the family's holiday.

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We make it our mission to make you feel special, whoever you are, whatever your age and whatever your interests happen to be. From the amazing activities onboard, to the exciting excursions available in port - Marella Cruises has something for everyone, to suit every taste. We've whisked the Saccone Joly family away on the Cuban Fusion itinerary, introducing Marella By U.

The family's cruise starts in the famously lively town of Montego Bay, in Jamaica. As well as its picture-perfect beaches, Montego Bay's home to the famous Dunn's River Falls, where you can get involved with rafting and zip lining.

Their next stop is tropical Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, which is known for offering some of the best snorkelling in the Caribbean. Then, it's time to cruise on to Havana. This city feels like a film set, thanks to its vintage Cadillacs and candy-coloured old town.

Finally, the cruise takes the Saccone Jolys to the cultural sites of Cozumel, including world-famous archaeological sites like the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins and Tulum.

What happened when the Saccone Jolys let five-year-old Emilia make all of their decisions on their Cuban Fusion cruise?

Watch the Saccone Jolys share their memories on board the Marella Discovery 2 with Emilia at the helm.

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Psychologists say the trick to finding the perfect family holiday is listening to moments of 'inspiration' from our little ones. Watch what happened when our group of little ones talk about what it would take to make their perfect holiday.


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