Developed in collaboration with the GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION and closely aligned with the NATIONAL CURRICULUM, TUI’s Better World Detectives resources engage pupils of all ages with SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE TOURISM topics.

Primary Resources

Six geography-focussed lessons for children aged 7 to 11, including techy activities, cross-curricular links and differentiation opportunities.

Image of school pupils in uniform using an iPad in their lesson, as they can in the Better World Detectives resources.

Secondary Resources

Six packs of geography lesson resources for 11 to 14 year olds, including fieldwork, and real-life case studies.

Image of a group of KS3 pupils looking at a globe together, as Geography is the main focus of the Better World Detectives resources.

It’s really important that this generation is educated on sustainability issues… It’s great that big companies like TUI are creating resources like Better World Detectives.

Betty Hepburn, P7 Teacher, Isle of Lewis

The Better World Detectives lessons are well resourced and planned, which takes the pressure off the teacher and gives the children what they need.

Lorna Hunter, KS2 Teacher, Nottingham

Teachers are supported with exciting, fully resourced activities, but given the flexibility to fit them around existing curriculum planning.

Alan Parkinson, Head of Geography & Freelance Geography Consultant

A fantastic set of high quality, interactive resources, which clearly promote relevant and engaging geography. I cannot wait to use these in the classroom!

Emma Espley, Teacher Consultant and Geography Champion for the Geographical Association