For tasty local cuisine, techy hotel features, and modern decor, it’s got to be TUI BLUE. Every hotel’s inspired by the destination it’s in, and snappy service is just a swipe away.

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A high-end finish is part-and-parcel of all TUI BLUE hotels.

Everything inside’s got a premium feel, and the furnishings follow a sleek and modern brief. You’ll get your first taste of the art-inspired decor when you enter the lobby, and the theme continues in the restaurants and rooms. Picture quirky wall hangings, big flatscreens, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Get a taste for where you’re staying.

Stylish design goes hand-in-hand with one of TUI BLUE’s main mantras – an authentic atmosphere. Every hotel takes a good look at its surroundings, and brings those regional touches to life for guests. The same can be said for the chefs, who pack their kitchens with local ingredients, and use recipes that mean you’re getting a proper flavour of your destination.

Help comes at the tap of a button.

You call the shots when it comes to service, thanks to our BLUE App. You’re never more than a couple of taps away from checking the daily activity list, booking a table for dinner, or requesting fresh towels for your room. If you’d rather do things the traditional way, our BLUE Guides are just as happy to sort things out face-to-face.

Keep fit your way.

Between them, our TUI BLUE hotels offer everything from sea-view yoga platforms to open-air trampolines. And you can tailor your own fitness programme by speaking to a BLUEf!t guide. They’ll sign you up for one-on-one sessions, group classes, or nutrition programmes.


From tech-ready rooms to trusty local recipes, here are the TUI BLUE best bits.


Our BLUE Guides aren’t your standard hotel personnel – they’re crammed with local knowledge and pride themselves on going above and beyond. Whether it’s insider tips on seeking out a family-run taverna, or getting a run-down of the region’s best bits, they’re at your beck and call. Things are kept nice and casual, too – they’re there to be more like a buddy than a formal member of staff.


Forget the tinny hum of portable speakers – our TUI BLUE rooms are kitted out with Bluetooth-ready speakers, so all you need to do is sync up one of your devices and turn up the volume. Fire up the BLUE App, and you can check what’s on the entertainment bill that night, and what time you need to be up for the morning yoga class.


International buffets have become a holiday staple, but we sing from a different hymn sheet here. Rather than hold an Italian night in a Turkish hotel, we stick to what the chefs know best. That’s tried-and-tested specials which draw on the ingredients and dishes that the locals swear by.


You can tweak a training plan that suits you down to the ground, or get a handle on meals that fit with your fitness regime. Keep an eye out for our exclusive excursions, too – these are trips that take you and a smaller group behind the tourist veil.